You Really Can Choose Who You Love – Cultivating an Attitude of Caring

Pebbles the blind cat choose who you love

You hear it all the time. “You can’t choose who you love.” Whoever made up that corny, cliched phrase clearly doesn’t understand love. Of course you can choose who you love! And you choose it every day.

My Dog’s Breath Smell Horrible! – Dental Disease in Pets

Linnie smiles - fights dog's breathDog’s breath. Even in the nicest of canines, it can reek like a cesspool of sewer water. Okay, okay. If I’m being quite honest, some felines (myself excluded, of course) can have a bit of stink-mouth as well. So what gives? And what can be done about it?

In honor of National Pet Dental Month, here is a list of the top five actions to take if your pet has potty breath.

What Does it Feel Like to Perform Euthanasia? – Diaries of a Veterinarian

 In Diaries of a Veterinarian, my human mom, Dr. Dunn, discusses life as a vet, gives vet tips, and discusses all things vet related as a guest on my blog. 

Euthanasia is a Difficult DecisionI look into your eyes. Your fur is no longer shiny, your muscles are weak and atrophied. You have lost a significant amount of weight. And yet in your eyes I can see the trust you have for your human companion. The bond you share is strong.

And as I look into your eyes I know that it is going to be me. I am about to take your life. I wasn’t the one who fed you and loved you daily, who cared for you during your final days, who made the final decision. But I am the one who is going to kill you. And even though you may welcome the relief, the burden of the act weighs heavily on my soul.

Top 10 Cat Rules Humans Must Obey

Pebbles the Blind Cat Brother Milton cat rules

I am very disappointed that I have to write this. There exists an unspoken, and yet clearly universally defined, set of cat rules that deserve attention. Any human who shares their home with a feline should be well aware of this. But, alas, it is not always so. Therefore, it is with exasperation that I have been compelled to assemble this list. Nevertheless, in the hopes that I may save at least one of my feline friends from unnecessary grief, I present to you the top 10 cat rules that all humans must obey.

Why Does My Cat… Answers to the Most Googled Cat Questions

Why does my cat hate water

Why does my cat… it’s a valid question. As a group, we felines have a reputation for being quite mysterious. Far be it from me to destroy your illusions. But since you asked…

Calling on my Mom for assistance, I decided to compile a list of the top five “why does my cat” google predictions (at least today’s predictions…). And don’t forget to check out my “Why Does My Dog” post. So here they are in descending order. Google’s top five cat inquiries:

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